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Our personnel are highly experienced in programme management and have knowledge of large-scale change and transformation programmes as well as business operations.  Our AI project management includes a dedicated maturity assessment tool, that we use to compare your delivery against best practice and provide corrective actions.

Delivery Assurance Using AI Project Management

Assurance monitors performance independent of those responsible for delivery.  Our team successfully investigate the vital foundations for project success.

  • Project Assurance: Rapid assessment of a project against the foundations of success via a combination of individual interviews, workshop or online submissions.  
  • Programme Assurance: In addition to the foundation assessment, combined interviews to dig into a programme to deliver confidence and/or corrective actions.
  • Portfolio Assurance: Using AI software to gather, consolidate and analyze data of project portfolios to plan capability development.
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Assurance or Health checks of large transformation programmes typically take place at major gates including after shaping, scoping and planning and at later significant programme gates, such as technical specifications, business readiness, etc..  We have delivered assurance activities to provide senior stakeholders with an objective assessment of delivery confidence that has been well received and provides accurate, insightful, and relevant recommendations. The Greyfly team has managed and directed successful complex transformation-led programmes from start to finish.  This means the team is well placed to identify what is going well and where to make pragmatic recommendations for improvement.

Our experts use their knowledge, best practice techniques and Greyfly’s in-house programme management tool to provide assurance for project success.  We are highly motivated with a combination of enthusiasm and respect and we offer professional delivery of “Critical Friend” assessments.

Our approach

Based on agreed requirements and underpinned by the 7 Foundations for Project Success, the approach below ensures a sufficiently detailed and holistic focus.  Greyfly’s approach combines subject matter experts, personalised best practice methods and a tool to provide comprehensive and multi-faceted analysis and insight to improve the likelihood of project success.  The 4-step approach is as follows:

Scheduled structured interviews, and meeting attendance, followed by targeted clarification meetings;

Iterative analysis of findings and regular updates and feedback plus the presentation of draft and final Output reports;

Confirm the project ‘Why?’, Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) and Approach. Kick off, scheduling, gather and review of the key project documents;

Follow-up review meetings to ensure recommendations are implemented.

Maturity Assessment Key

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