Succeed at Your AI in Project Management Journey

Approach has experience managing large complex projects, including product and software development projects certified best in the field. We operate a hybrid Agile-Waterfall sprint minded approach controlled by strong project management. Ahead of proposing solutions, during initial engagement we work hard to understand real world problems and identify your business needs. Sometimes it is appropriate to set a clear strategy ahead of an immediate leap to technical solution implementation.


In all engagements, typically the Prepare first phase identifies your AI projects and benchmarks your current environment and project data. This informs proposed solutions and the transformation approach. We work hard to identify how increased project success may generate benefits such as completing more projects or reducing administration and management overheads. This may include reducing time to identify and prioritize where best to focus resources and accelerating the average duration it takes to shape and complete projects.

Change Management

Any solution implementation enables the digital transformation of project management and inevitably must be supported by a change management effort to enable successful adoption. Whether it be introductory knowledge sharing to educate senior managers in underlying AI technology, or resistance by impacted stakeholders, or purely determining workflow integration, to enable success we deploy and explain various systems, process and insights.


Cyber Essential Plus Logo

When it comes to security, your organisations protection is at the forefront of our mind. We have in place Cyber Essential plus certification and chose the Microsoft Azure TM technical and support infrastructure based on proven security protocols and backups. Similarly, as we retain potentially sensitive customer project data, we seek out clarity regarding your GDPR and security arrangements.

Delivery Partners

Aligned to locations, sectors, and expertise, we work with a series of trusted delivery partners to successfully implement client engagements. Their expertise ranges from change management and training to technical integration and data management as well as project management consulting.

To Start Your AI in PM Journey