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We at Greyfly want to share our knowledge with you.  Our success in delivering projects, innovating and transforming businesses puts us at the forefront of knowledge, and we are sharing our insights. Please download and explore as you please.

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Beyond the Myth - Cover page'

Dive into the dynamic world of AI in project management. Explore real-world use cases, adoption levels, and common misconceptions surrounding AI

Art of the Possible - Cover page

Global Project Management experts Dr. Saadi Adra, Dr. Mazin Gadir and Dr. Ahmad Salih explore the future of PM tech whilst dissecting AI and evolving applications.

Nov Webinar Content - Cover page

In the world of project management, AI stands as a transformative tool that has significant implications. This perspective draws upon expert insights from industry leaders who are experiencing AI’s influence firsthand.

AI More Accurate than Human

Recent research from APM shows that, for project professionals dealing with large amounts of data, almost all of them would turn to AI to help with decision making.

AI in Construction

The project management profession is taking a more data driven approach and applying AI to improve process and augment decision-making.

Barriers & Benefits

Despite the many economic benefits, there are unfortunately technical barriers to consider before implementing AI in PM, leaving many businesses uncertain of where to start.

Data First Strategy

By starting with a Data First strategy and building upon it, you’ll set your business up with the best possible base for succeeding when implementing AI in project management.

Lessons for Implementing AI cover

Managing a project has many challenges – primarily to keep it in scope, on budget, and on time. These challenges only grow for PMs who are responsible for multiple projects and teams

Economic Recession Cover 2

How will this environment affect project delivery and can AI solutions help mitigate some of the challenges?

PM Maturity - Cover

This article demonstrates that AI can enable higher levels of PM maturity and discusses the barriers to AI in PM adoption.

PMO Future

Perhaps, the aspect of a PMO that can be addressed to increase effectiveness is digital disruption and most notably, AI.

Font-cover (Mega Project)

Project management is deploying emerging innovative technology, which is likely to change project management in years to come. It is becoming clear that there will be an increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Greyfly_AI Project Management in Telecoms_ver3_Cover Page

Effective management of spontaneous risks is critical for projects in a fast-paced market. Are traditional methods of project management reliable enough to handle issues effectively?


The growing need for project consultants means companies, are engaging consultants to provide guidance, and strategic advice. We believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change PM consulting and this paper explores how.

Greyfly Project Delivery Assessment Tool

Given every project is different how can AI be used to improve project success? Greyfly’s research posed this very question and we have concluded the following answer.

Greyfly PM Tool

Confucius says, “Study the past if you would define the future”, here at Greyfly we think it is important to understand the key reasons for project failure so that your projects are more likely to succeed.


We propose a THREE-STEP APPROACH to creating a Business Plan and believe in rapid implementation during creation.


We propose a THREE-STEP APPROACH to managing Business Risk and believe this will accelerate growth.

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2023 Report Cover

This report presents survey responses from over 40 companies across various sectors. It offers a comprehensive overview of the evolving perception of AI in Project Management.

2022 page cover

This research was conducted via an online survey with companies from various sectors and aims to update 2021 research with the latest picture of AI in project management

2021 Cover page

We conducted our second annual cross sector survey to investigate project performance and gauge the level of interest in AI in Project Management.

Summary Cover 1

This summary is an extract of our 2020 AI in Project Management Report which analyses project failure and considers if AI could reduce failure rates and provide cost savings.

Report Cover 1

This report analyses project failure and considers if AI could reduce failure rates and provide cost savings.

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