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Potential Key Risks:

  1. GROW: The current level of SALES is significantly lower than the desired level
  2. DEVELOP: Lack of and/or alignment to the BUSINESS STRATEGY
  3. MANAGE: Existing PREMISES are not fit for purpose today or in support of growth
  4. CONTROL: Variation in EXCHANGES RATES and/or the cost of borrowings adversely affect cashflow
  5. GROW: The COMPETITION erode your marketplace

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Risks with most significant negative variance to benchmark

  1. MANAGE: Obtaining and owning the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP)
  2. MANAGE: There is an inappropriate organisation structure or lack of key resources and/or loss of key resources at a critical time
  3. DEVELOP: Programme is not bought into and does not meet Executive's (Founder) vision
  4. CONTROL: There is lack of wider GOVERNANCE including no structured regular meetings, decision making, issue escalation, approval sign-off of major plans/budgets/changes, lack of Quality assurance and reporting to review key Management Information
  5. GROW: Failure to develop appropriate SALES PARTNER arrangements