AI Assure Tool

Supports delivery maturity and AI readiness assessments

High speed, low cost, pinpointing of project failure

An AI ready tool to increase the likelihood of project, programme or portfolio success.  Leveraging existing data and regardless of stage, it compares current status to best practise and provides consistent assurance and corrective actions preventing resource wastage.

Delivery Scale

  •  • Assess all scale of project delivery
  •  • Understand the likelihood of success and develop your delivery capability

Dashboard Reporting

  •  • Provides rapid visual insights of likely project success
  •  • Consistently assess against best practise and provide enhanced resource focus

Delivery Assessment

  •  • Assess against the 7 foundations for project success
  •  • Determine confidence and maturity in project foundations

System Integration

  •  • Early RoI whilst starting your AI project management journey
  •  •  Integrate with your existing project data and systems

Looking for Project Success?