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Greyfly and MyNanoByte announce partnership with objective of implementing a business plan for growth

Greyfly will provide practical business advice to outline a map for future growth whilst undertaking the Right Activities at the Right time. MyNanoByte will benefit as the roadmap for growth is set out and implemented.

Greyfly is an established business planning advisor and is becoming well-known to Digital and Tech innovation companies, primarily in Bristol. Greyfly has almost 30 years’ experience of providing results-driven practical support that aids leaders to develop their business.  MyNanoByte is a growing and impressive organisation within the AI industry and is one of the leading AI firms in Bristol providing Virtual Assistants (Chatbots).

Mike Quandt, CEO of MyNanoByt “We know that by using Greyfly to assist our Business Growth will move us from start up to the next stage in our company’s growth, not just in Bristol but the South also.”

Lloyd Skinner, CEO & Founder of Greyfly echoed Quandts’ excitement stating: “We pride ourselves on assisting technology innovation company’s, and having seen the magnificent things the team at MyNanoByte are doing we simply can’t wait to support their cause”


About Greyfly

Greyfly was launched in 2016 to provide advice in Business Planning, Project Management and Talent Development. With almost 30 years’ planning experience, including the running of successful multi-million-pound change and transformation projects, Greyfly provides expertise based upon results-driven delivery and knows exactly how to reshape business and change plans to achieve financial goals.

To schedule a no-obligation discovery meeting please contact Greyfly on 0117 909 4148 or email [email protected]


About MyNanoByte

MyNanoByte’s mission is “To provide quality help to everyone that needs it, when they need it”. Their current A.I. service innovation “Sophia” assists with relations and service from a business to its customer. It’s their aim to assist every need of a person through the use of AI and is a rising firm within the UK A.I industry.

To discuss how MyNanoByte can assist you with AI and Customer service /relations please call +44 117 2305550  or email [email protected]

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