Beyond the Myth of AI in Project Management – Panel Recording

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Explore real-world use cases, adoption levels, and common misconceptions surrounding AI

The panel discussion centered on AI applications for project management, including specific tools, techniques and considerations when implementing AI capabilities. The focus was on using AI to augment human project managers rather than replace them. The panelists agreed on the importance of change management when adopting AI, and treating it as a transformation program rather than just a technology implementation.

Example advice from our panellists:

Hussain Bandukwala – PMOpreneuer & CEO at Parwaaz Consulting

One thing that I touched upon in my conversation is that embrace AI, because if you don’t, others who do will take a leap step ahead of you.

Jean-Christophe Hamani – Founder and CEO at TACTHICS

With AI, we are going to have much better tools. However, the last mile is definitely solving problems and finding the way out and this will pertain with human intelligence.

Ricardo Sastre MartínPrincipal Consulting Project Management Microsoft

AI is evolving very, very quick. So at the end, this is not going to be a matter of technology. This is going to be a matter of adoption and change management.

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