Art of the Possible: Project Management Technology – Webinar Record

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Global Project Management Experts Discussed the Art of the Possible: Project Management Technology

The panel discusses current and future uses of technology in project management. They cover tools like Excel, SharePoint, and PPM software. While these enable data collection, projects still fail due to human factors. Basic project management principles remain important.

Potential future technologies like blockchain for contracts and AI chatbots to provide insights are discussed. Adoption levels vary by industry, with construction lagging. AI has limitations in understanding nuanced questions. Concerns are raised about bias in AI training data. Research on human versus machine suitability for tasks is presented, with decision-making still being a human realm.

The panelists agree that while promising, technology alone cannot solve problems. Human relationships and softer skills are most critical for project success. Collaboration between groups is key to overcoming obstacles to technology adoption. Skills training and data management are top investment priorities. Overall the panel emphasizes balancing technology opportunities with a continued focus on the human aspects of projects.

Example advice from our panellists:

Dr. Mazin Gadir – Director Of Strategic Partnerships at IQVIA Middle East and Africa

The art of possible is bringing AI, bringing blockchain, bringing disruptive technologies to help you take project management closer, to build better relationships, to achieve success by harnessing stakeholder, engagement and leadership buy in.

Dr. Saadi AdraCEO at ADVISORS

I believe technology is maturing, and it will be helpful to keep an eye on and an open mind, but go back to the basics in the first place.

Ahmad Salih – Vice President Operational Excellence at Khatib & Alami

If we are afraid of AI in PM, then we will increase the gap between us. Embrace the change and use it for our own benefits.

Global Expert Panel Discussion

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