BCS Summary of the year

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So we thought we would undertake a quick reflection of the year of BCS, The Chartered Institute of Technology, Bristol Branch talks before looking ahead to next year!

This year we have seen 650 people book on to the 6 talks we held across various Bristol locations!  We are even more pleased that we managed to appeal to a wide audience with over 50% being non BCS members and 20% being female!

In support of the wider vision to make “IT Good for Society” our local theme for the year of talks has been about balancing freedom and Progress.  This year we have had talks from experts on the following:

  • AI & Machine Learning
  • AI & Robotic Ethics
  • FinTech
  • IoT & the Supply Chain
  • Cloud & Computer Infrastructure
  • VR & the Future of Military Gaming

We are proud to have delivered these talks on some of the “of now” technology subjects that are creating wider conversation and we have been told by attendees that they provided interesting insights.  My personal highlight was the lively debate at the talk on Robotic ethics about how one person’s mundane is another’s art.

So we’d thank all the speakers, venues and companies who have supported us in 2017 and we look forward to launching a new programme of talks for 2018.

From Lloyd and Dinos we wish a Merry Christmas and very Happy new year!

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