BCS Webinar: Will AI Disrupt Project Management Consulting? (Videos)

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Greyfly release BCS Webinar videos discussing whether AI will disrupt project consulting

For those who missed the BCS Webinar, we have recorded and attached the key points in the talk below.

It starts by discussing the alarming rate of project failure and that the real project management problem is late delivery, which are over budget and release less benefits.  Momentum is growing regarding the application of computer-based automation [AI] tools to support project delivery and potentially address this challenge.

The talk introduced AI, discussed the current state of AI project tools and the likely market direction for these ahead of speculating the implication on PM consulting as well as use cases of AI in PM.

The Real Project Problem

Project Management Challenges and Artificial Intelligence

Classification of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

Will AI disrupt Project Management Consulting?

About the Speaker

Lloyd Skinner

Chief Executive Officer, Greyfly Ltd.

Lloyd is a project professional with 25 plus years of experience working in multiple sectors and projects in both support and delivery roles. For over 2 years he has been investigating the use of AI in project management and developing Greyfly.

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