Can AI increase project success? – AI in Project Management Interview

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This video is a part of a discussion series in which our CEO – Lloyd Skinner – interviews project experts to share their views and thoughts about implementing AI into project management, its benefits and challenges, use cases and what the future looks like. Find out more about AI in project management here.

“The use cases for AI in Project Management are endless”

This discussion is with Melissa Drew – Digital Transformation Executive Adviser at IBM – who has significant experience in procurement & supply chain working with data and is the founder of the podcast “Impact of Data & AI”.

Can AI increase project success?

About the Speaker

Lloyd Skinner

Chief Executive Officer, Greyfly Ltd.

Lloyd is the CEO of and leads the company’s board and all major strategic initiatives. His working career started as a planner ahead of leading teams of planners, Project Offices and PMOs. He has 25+ years’ experience in programme management and has led full life-cycle, multi-year, major change and transformation projects with a value of £000ms.

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