Can AI Increase Project Success? – Global Expert Panel Discussion

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Global Project Experts Discuss the Implementation of AI in Project Management

This 2nd online panel event featured a panel of global project management experts discussing the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in project management. The discussion focused on the benefits, use cases, and challenges of integrating AI in project management. The panelists shared their knowledge and experience on how AI could improve project management by reducing project delivery time, optimizing resource allocation, enhancing decision-making, and improving project quality. They provided plenty of use cases across multiple industries.

The event delved into the challenges such as data security and ethical considerations, as well as the need for the appropriate workforce. Our panelists discuss how and if AI tools and techniques such as machine learning can overcome these challenges to maximize benefits. The webinar concludes with a discussion on the future of AI in project management and how it is poised to revolutionize the field. Our panelists share insights on emerging trends and advancements to improve project success.

Listen to this webinar to equip yourself with an overview of how can be applied to your projects, PM and PMO functions to stay ahead of the curve.

Global Expert Panel Discussion

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