Can AI increase project success? – Interview with Lela Machaidze

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Interview Project Management Expert – Lela Machaidze – about AI in Project Management

We had such a great discussion with Layla Machaidze, a project management expert, about the AI’s impact on project management. Use cases include resource allocation, scheduling, and drones in construction monitoring. Layla emphasizes AI’s benefits: enhancing business value, reducing miscommunication, and minimizing routine tasks. Challenges involve human resistance and the need for adaptability. Recommendations include fostering business curiosity, adaptability programs, and transparent communication.

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Lela Machaidze is a business consultant, public speaker, and coach. She specializes in program and project management, the development and validation of monitoring and control systems, and the creation of strategic and action plans. She has extensive experience assessing and developing capacity, capability, and training needs. She conducts adaptability quotient (AQ) assessments for individuals and organizations, as well as developing customized, tailored mentorship programs for AQ improvement. She initiated, co-founded, and served as the first President of the Project Management Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) and coach, she participated in several programs and managed projects throughout initiation and close-out. She has given speeches and led trainings for both the public and private sectors at the mid and executive levels.

Can AI increase project success?

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