Can AI increase project success? – Interview with Lenka Pincot

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Lenka Pincot, Chief of Staff to the CEO of PMI, discusses AI in project management

Listen to invaluable insights on AI in project management through expert advice shared by Lenka Pincot, Chief of Staff at Project Management Institute (PMI). Dig into her perspectives on the practical application of AI in PM, exploring its benefits and challenges. Additionally, understanding the future potential of AI in the field of project management. Find out more:

Lenka is a senior executive with international experience and a proven track record in setting strategic vision and execution. She excels in driving digital transformations and enhancing organizational agility. Lenka gained multi-industry experience by leading strategic initiatives in banking, manufacturing, distribution, and automotive. She currently works as Chief of Staff to the President of Project Management Institute, a not-for-profit organization with worldwide coverage that provides education and career growth support for professionals who deliver projects, and drive changes and transformation. She has earned a Digital Excellence Diploma from IMD Business School of Switzerland, graduated from C-level School organized by European Women in Boards, is a Master of Science in Computer Sciences, and holds several global certifications in project management, agile practices, and business analyses.

Can AI increase project success?

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