Can AI increase project success? – Interview with Nivarti Jayaram

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Chief Data Officer of Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, Nivarti Jayaram, sharing his thoughts about AI in project management

The discussion centers around practical use cases of AI in pm and explores the benefits and challenges associated with it. Also, the interview touches its future. Find out more:

Over 15+ years, Nivarti has led Digital Transformation programs across diverse industries such as Defence, Automotive, and Banking. His expertise spans Business Process Management, Cloud, Infrastructure and Communication Networks, Agile, and DevOps. At Societe Generale, he built a transformation tribe and developed strategies for new ways of working through Scaled Agile implementation, Cloud Migration, Continuous Integrations & Continuous Delivery platforms, and DevOps practices. He also led the largest Payments transformation program in Australian Banking history and won the CIO Award for Delivery Excellence. He is a Senior Expert on Tools, Methodologies, and Frameworks and has spoken at international conferences on leadership, cultural transformation, and Agile & DevOps.

Can AI increase project success?

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