Greyfly partners with ARTIMUS

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Bristol, United Kingdom 12thst October 2017 – Greyfly and ARTIMUS have today announced a strategic partnership for the foreseeable future.

Greyfly will administer pragmatic business support to ARTIMUS and create a framework for growth that will enable the company to “See the Wood from the trees”.  ARTIMUS has provided Greyfly with an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Business Risk Assessment tool, that will assist with rapid Business Risk identification for current and future Greyfly clients.  It is also freely available for public use via the Greyfly website.



Toby White, Founder of ARTIMUS “It’s a thrilling time for the AI industry and given Greyfly’s interest in the sector, we felt with their assistance we can achieve our aim of becoming a major A.I. & Software development player within the South West.  We can’t wait to see the results of our Greyfly project, as we’re certain the Business Risks Assessment tool will be of a great benefit to Greyfly and its customers alike”



Lloyd Skinner, CEO & Founder of Greyfly shared a similar mindset to Toby: “Given the excitement behind the AI industry and our affiliation with it, providing ARTIMUS with a framework for growth made perfect sense.  As with all our clients, we are pushing ARTIMUS for results-driven growth and this should start with the results we hope to achieve from the Business Risk Assessment tool that ARTIMUS have created. We plan to support ARTIMUS to become an important company in the South West AI Software development sector.”


About Greyfly

Greyfly was launched in 2016 to provide advice with Business Planning, Project Management and Talent Development.  With almost 30 years’ planning experience, including the running of successful multi-million-pound change and transformation projects, Greyfly provides expertise based upon results-driven delivery and knows exactly how to reshape business and change plans to achieve financial goals.

To schedule a no-obligation discovery meeting please contact Greyfly on 0117 909 4148 or email [email protected]



ARTIMUS are a team of talented software developers and project managers based in the South West region of the UK.  They specialise in Artificial Intelligence and pride themselves on being able to provide the best, highest quality development and project management services that you can find on the market.

Their mission statement is to “focus on innovation: we want to create unique, outstanding technologies that will help us get one step closer to the simplest future possible. We are fully committed to bringing in artificial intelligence and multi-use solutions that work for companies all over the globe.”

To see how ARTIMUS can assist you with any of these services please contact ARTIMUS on 07826852610 or via email at [email protected]

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