New Report | 2021 AI in Project Management Annual Survey

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Greyfly publish the 2021 annual survey results revealing the current project performance and the future of AI in Project Management

To fully understand the alarming figures about project performance, this research was conducted through an online survey with 25 companies across multiple industries. It builds on our 2019 survey and reveals how projects have been performing, the top challenges facing project managers and perceptions about implementing AI in project management. Furthermore, it explores the barriers constraining companies from exploiting AI and the benefits of implementing AI could provide to project management.

Executive Summary

Over the last 2 years, there have been significant changes in project performance within UK companies. Due to COVID restrictions, companies have experienced extreme difficulties in managing projects when there has been a sudden shortage of resources, talent, supplies or disrupted business processes. This has caused project failure rates to surge. Although AI is seen as a significant solution receiving interest, companies still hesitate to leverage AI to improve project performance. It appears this is because of the lack of practical benefits demonstrated by AI and concern whether systems and data are sufficiently mature to exploit AI. However, there is now considerable interest in adopting AI in the next 3 years.

Download the full report here to find out more.

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