Well that was low risk, high gain!

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The Greyfly seminar, “Managing Business Risks: Do the Right Things at the Right Time” recently took place at the Bristol’s Commonwealth House. The event covered common business risks that prevent company growth and/or turnaround.  It also provided insight and a professional process to manage risks and perhaps most useful of all, it allowed each attendee to create their own company’s prioritised risk log.

Justin Boynton, Director of Spicerack said “It was a really well run, enjoyable and fruitful session.  I learnt a lot and it was super useful to have a framework to work to.  The collaborative aspect and opportunity to think aloud with peer input and your feedback made everything make sense.”

A big thanks to those that attended and the Commonwealth House for hosting the event.   Due to the positive feedback we are offering a 20% Early Bird discount (Click the link or enter the “SAVE20” promo code) if you book now on the next Managing Business Risks event which will also be held at the same Commonwealth House venue on Wednesday October 18th. 

We hope to see you there!

For further insight to Risk Management and Lloyd Skinner you can read the guest post Which way do I turn to develop and grow my business? Managing Business Risks to do the right things at the right time currently on Business West.

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