BCS Published Our Latest Article – How will AI Transform the Future of Project Mangement?

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The BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) has published our latest article “How AI will transform the future of project management?

Project management plays a vital part in the UK’s economy, with c2m working in the PM profession contributing £156bn of UK annual GVA, writes Lloyd J Skinner MBCS, CEO of greyfly.ai.

High rates of project failure have tremendous financial cost – APM reports up to 80% of projects fail to meet their outcomes. Indeed, project delivery is a complex problem with many variables which are impossible to know upfront. Complexity is compounded by people; with soft skills required to deal with the conflicting needs of stakeholders, team members, vendors, and customers.The benefits of incorporating AI into project management (PM) are many, but to implement requires new operating models and capabilities. But just how is AI impacting PM and shaping the future of work? Check out the article here.

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