New Guide | Barriers & Benefits of AI in Project Management

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Greyfly release a new guide about how to overcome the barriers to implement AI in Project Management successfully

Artificial Intelligence no longer seems like a distant science fiction concept, but that doesn’t mean it’s in everyday use quite yet. Despite the many economic benefits, there are unfortunately quite a few technical barriers and social aspects to consider, leaving many businesses uncertain of where to start. One area that benefits hugely from the implementation of AI is project management. Project Management is a lot like spinning plates – you’re managing staff, keeping an eye on risk, ensuring everything runs on time, and much more. When implemented well, AI can help stabilize these plates, making life easier and projects more effective.

In this guide, we will discuss:

  • Examples of AI’s benefits to PM
  • What prevents companies from adopting AI?
  • What risks are there to companies that get left behind?
  • Overcoming these barriers, and the next steps to take

Download the article here to find out more.

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