New Guide | The Art of the Possible: Future PMO Technologies

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Greyfly release a new guide about the expert views of future PMO technologies

In exploring the landscape of technology in project management, the conversation delved into the evolution from Excel sheets to advanced PPM tools, drawing insights from Dr. Saadi’s many years’ experience. He emphasized the exhaustion of current tools and the need for exploration into the next frontier. Dr. Mazin provided further context by linking technology adoption to organizational maturity, stressing the prevalence of basic tools in less mature organizations and the importance of innovation.

Dr. Ahmad contributed a futuristic perspective, envisioning blockchain’s role in contract administration for complex projects and anticipating its widespread adoption. The trio collectively advocated for continuous exploration, with Dr. Saadi’s emphasis on the crucial question of “what next.” This analysis underscores the role of innovation, sector-specific maturity, and the anticipation of emerging tools in shaping the future of project management.

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