New Report | 2022 Report – Adoption of AI in Project Management

Follow Us: release a new report investigating the progression in AI adoption into project management

This research was conducted via an online survey with companies from various sectors and aims to update 2021 research with the latest picture of AI in project management. It recognizes changes in the causes of project failure, the level of project management maturity and focuses on the progression in the adoption of AI in project management. The report helps organisations consider their AI in PM journey.

Below is a snippet of the summary of the findings:

  • Across all sectors, on average, reported project failure has risen to 41%
  • Limited resources is the main cause of project failure.
  • 32% of companies reported a low level of project capability at level 2 maturity.
  • 68% of companies believe AI will change the project manager role in the next 3 years.
  • 58% of companies are working toward an AI in PM adoption plan.

Download the latest report here to find out more.

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